Friday, August 19, 2011

One Week Down...

We made it through our first week!  Granted, we still have a few things to add to the schedule, but overall I'd say it was a shining success.  Praise the Lord, right?!

One thing that has become evident been reconfirmed is that I really like order in my life/household.  I also like to feel productive...realizing that feeling productive and being productive are sometimes two very different things.  Dare I say that these "good" things are idols in my life?  I might as well...because the truth is that they are.  I like to make lists and I like to check things off because then I feel productive, purposeful.  With homeschooling, I'd say this has gone fairly well.  I've been able to check off the things on our lesson plans and move right along.  However, it's really hard to feel productive when you spend the majority of your day doing the menial things you do every other day...including "just playing" or "just being" with your kids, as the case may be.  (I probably do not have to tell you this, as you may experience this very thing yourself.)  I told Eric that I should probably add things like "play with the kids" or "read to the kids" to my to-do list so that I'll feel like I get more done in a day.  Disclaimer: I believe that whether or not they're on a list, these are the important things that really count.  But maybe I would do those things with a better attitude if they were part of my task list.  And I'd really feel like I was knocking it out if I added things like change the diapers, do the laundry, make the meals, clean up the kitchen, clean up the messes, smile like you mean it.

Not sure I'd be able to check off that last one, though.  Why do these things so often feel taxing, burdensome or frustrating?  Why can't they feel like the joy and the privilege that they truly are?  I'm working on that.  Or maybe I should say the Holy Spirit is.  Praying often for Spirit-filled parenting and homemaking.

And that was a tangent, I guess.  This blog might be full of them.  Obviously it won't be limited to homeschooling.  :)  Going to try to get some pictures up soon, as I usually find myself drawn to blogs with more pictures and less text.  Oops.

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