Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Break

Several people have asked me lately how our little experiment is going.  If you ask Sandra, she'll tell you that she loves it!  And if you ask me, I have to say: I've been a bit surprised at the fact that overall, I love it, too!  Don't get me wrong.  We have our struggles.  We have our battles, even.  But when taken as a whole, things are going very well.  I'll have to write more about what God's doing in the "kardia" department another time.

Last week we traveled to Kentucky.  My parents have property out there and my dad has built a hunting camp that is actually very accommodating and quite nice.  He's practically begged me to come for at least four years, so I decided that our fall break could align with my nephews' fall break and we could meet them and my parents out there for a little relaxation and fun.  My mom felt guilty that I would be making the 400 mile trek (which translates to 9-10 hours with small children) by myself, so she drove up to Charlotte to ride with us.  Thanks, Mom!
To say we had a wonderful time would be a vast understatement.  The kids played outside most of the day and there was a campfire burning most of the time.  I even had some time to work on scrapbooking.  The highlight, however, was a horse-and-buggy ride from the Amish neighbor.  (In case you're wondering, I did ask first before taking pictures.)
Here's Reuben (middle) with cousin Denver.
And Sandra (right) with cousin Gabe.
And here's Lucy pointing at the horse.  When we got close to the buggy and asked if she wanted to ride, she started screaming, climbing up my shoulder, and shaking her head.  We took that as a "no."  Her favorite part was seeing the cows in the pasture and going up and down the porch steps.

We're back in the saddle this week (no pun intended) and I'll try to write again soon.  You probably need to know about my failed bread making attempt.

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